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Luca Conradi

26-year-old Luca, third generation Indo, raised in Dordrecht, has been fascinated by making music from an early age and performed in various bands as a teenager. At the event she will perform two songs that she has written about important people in her life. One is her grandmother whom she lost at the age of twelve.

This loss sparked her interest in her roots, her family history.

At the age of fourteen she wrote a song in honor of her grandmother "forever and always". During that time she also started talking more with other Indian young people about their origins. She advocates open and honest conversations about the events of the past.

Later she felt inspired to write a song after the death of Henry van Tienen, known in the Indo-rock world, who was also a friend of her father and died at the age of 57 from the muscular disease A.L.S. died. Seven years ago, she participated in an initiative "Indo's got Talent" where she performed this song.

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