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unravel your past, find strength to last!

Connect your roots event

 Saturday June 8, 2024 Breda

Connect with what is in your DNA!


Have you ever wondered what makes you unique? Where do certain traits, habits or passions come from? The answers are hidden in your roots. Your family history is not just a collection of stories from the past; it is the foundation of who you are today and the force that drives you tomorrow.


On Saturday June 8 CONNECT YOUR ROOTS opens the door to a fascinating world of

self-discovery and family history. Dive into the power of knowing your origins and shape a future that is both meaningful and enriching for you as an individual, but also as a family!

Would you also like to take your children with you, but do you think they are too young for the program? Then you can choose to let them participate in an alternative children's program.

More information will soon be available here:Children's program Connect Your Roots



Why you shouldn't miss this!

  1. Power and Direction: Our Roots shape who we are. By trusting and connecting with your Roots, you will discover an inexhaustible source of strength and direction for your life.

  2. Identity: Knowing who your ancestors were and how they lived is an essential part of your identity. Your DNA contains not only genetic information, but also the echoes of the lives, dreams and ambitions of your ancestors.

  3. Conscious Choices: Become aware of the influence your origins have on the choices you make. It helps you to choose your own path more consciously and with more conviction.

  4. Discover your Potential: Without a connection to your Roots you may not feel complete. By discovering this bond, you can unlock your full potential, no matter the challenges you face.

  5. Find Peace: Understanding your family history helps put the loose puzzle pieces of your life into place. Experience peace and satisfaction by knowing who you are and where you come from.



REVIEW Connect Your Roots Event 2023

We look back on a successful day on November 4, 2023 in De Hallen in Amsterdam where participants were able to listen to inspiring speakers and follow inspiration sessions to make deeper connections with their roots. To create an active and connecting element, a salsa demo and mini-workshop were offered during the break. With salsa vibes in the background, the participants explored the possibilities of FamilySearch and DNA testing in the Experience Booth and family history became a celebration!

Angelique is a successful businesswoman who has held several board and management positions at KPN, among others. Several nominations in business life testify to her drive and passion in everything she does.  Bridging cultural differences and the importance of identity is something she also experienced in her personal life when she recently discovered that she has a Turkish biological father.  She talks about the challenges in her two-year search for her roots.



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James Smith is a trainer, coach and speaker and has Indo-European ROOTS.

His family constellations workshop provides insight into dynamics that play a role in your family and  how they influence your actions. Your problems and challenges in life can often be traced back to this. Through an introduction to thiscoaching technique you will gain more insight into the nature of your connection with your parents and ancestors in the first place. The goal is to enable you to take your own place in your family system, paving the way for personal growth.


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Writer and writing coach Vilan van de Loo is still a bit unsure about her roots. Perhaps that is why she writes a biography again and again, often about the ancient East Indies. As a writing coach, she explains to others how to do it: write a life story. Or the family's story. Because a real story is more than an essay and more than a collection of facts. A family tree is not a story. What?

This afternoon you will follow a very practical workshop with Vilan entitled:"Easy peasy. This is how you make a story from a thousand facts". Step by step you will discover the method she uses to write her books. Then you can do it too. The workshop is for anyone who wants to put a story on paper, no matter whether you are a beginner or have started again twelve times: you are welcome, we will get started.

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Denie (The Family Tree Guy) has Surinamese roots, but calls himself a world citizen. He has been discovering his family history for more than half his life and is far from done. He helps others in the search for their ancestors and gives workshops to share his knowledge. 


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Dave is a historian and has experience as a genealogical correspondent for National Archives. He also taught courses in ancient writing and archive research at the Volksuniversiteit.

He says about himself that he is an 'Indo 1.0', born in the former Dutch East Indies with Asian and European roots. Based on concrete examples from his own family history, he shows how research into Indian ancestors has changed dramatically.

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1:30 PM

Welcome with a drink 
Discover your roots digitally in the Experience Booth.

Young children can go to an alternative program for the youngest or for children aged 5-9ear.

2:00 PM

Kick-Off with FamilySearch and keynote speaker Angelique de Vogel

2:45 PM

Live performance with Nona Luca 

Experience booth - Snacks and drinks - Salsa music   

3:30 PM

Workshop of your choice:

1. family constellations

2. write your own family history 

3. search for Indo roots

4. search for Surinamese roots.

(lease indicate your preference when making your reservation.)


 4:25 PM

Keynote speaker Redouan ait Chitt (Redo) with dance performance

4:45 PM


June 8, 2024




keynote speakers
selection workshops

Jan Reijnders is Salsa producer #1 in the Netherlands. You would expect with his wonderful Salsa music vibes that he has something South American in his DNA. Nothing could be further from the truth, Jan has traditional Dutch ROOTS. 


Enjoy Jan's musical vibes in the Experience booth, while connecting with others at the Connect Your Roots Event. 



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The location

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Zuilenstraat 98, Breda

Although we were in a fantastic place in Amsterdam last year, this year we are going for something new: the brand new church building of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Breda.

It is a contemporary building in a location steeped in family history and the history of Breda, right next to the Polish Military Cemetery and the Maczek Memorial.

ATTENTION: the parking lots can be reached by car from the side, by crossing the company premises of the Kropman office building, which is visible next to the church in the photo on the right.

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Connect Your Roots Event

Connect with what is in your DNA!

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Connect Your Roots Event


June 8, 2024


The Church of Jesus Christ of

Latter-day Saints

Zuilenstraat 98


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