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Angelique de Vogel

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In her book 'Ontworteld' ( transl.Uprooted) (2023), Angelique takes the reader on her inner journey after she discovered at the age of 46 that her father is not her biological father and she is half Turkish. This revelation brought much confusion and sadness, and her world was turned upside down. She had to reinvent herself with an in-depth search for her true identity.


The secrecy of her origins by her family increased her sense of rootlessness. The search, not only for her biological father but also for herself, is intensely described, revealing internal struggle, loneliness and perseverance. After finding her Turkish family, a new chapter begins full of uncertainties, but also with growing self-acceptance. The book illuminates the underlying emotions and experiences not told on television, and ends with the transformative power of her inner journey, which changed her life forever.


She has received many wonderful reactions to her book from people who  recognize this "uprooting" in their lives. At the Connect Your Roots event, she uses her story to advocate for the right to know where you come from and therefore to live life rooted.

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