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i am redo

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Redouan Ait Chitt, better known as REDO, has a Moroccan father and a Dutch mother. He knows the challenges, but also the power of two worlds coming together. In his impressive dance theater performance REMLA you can see how he returns to his Moroccan roots. In various interviews he explains how this has inspired him again in his life.  

As a professional dancer and speaker he has traveled all over the world. 

REDO was born with limitations without any medical explanation, but he does not think in terms of limitations. He believes that with the right attitude, personal drive and by stepping out of your comfort zone, your own boundaries can be pushed. His motto: “NO EXCUSES, NO LIMITS”

The fact that he lives by his motto can be seen in his career. In  2018 he launched his own solo show, REDO, which was very positively received. A year later, he made history by winning the prestigious dance award "De Zwaan" in the Netherlands, becoming the first hip-hop dancer to achieve this honor. In 2020, Redo topped the Community Top 100, an annual list of inspiring talents in Dutch society. For his local, national and international achievements he received a Royal Decoration as 'Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau'

He can currently be seen as a presenter in the new program Project Dance, every Thursday evening from February 1  at 8:30 PM at NTR on NPO 1.

Be inspired by REDO about dealing with setbacks and how you can turn a 'weakness' into your strength. A personal story about prejudices, diversity, belief in your own abilities, the power of connecting with your roots and thinking in possibilities.

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