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Denie Kasan


Denie Kasan is a genealogist with to some people a surprising contemporary look, who has a passion for exploring his own Surinamese roots and helping others unravel their origins.


He started family research at the age of eleven when one of his grandfather's sisters died. He wondered who all those relatives at the funeral were and how the family lines run. Since his immediate family could not properly explain this to him, he looked for answers in the archives.

There he discovered about enslaved and indentured servants in his family.

The knowledge of what his ancestors experienced gave him great gratitude for his  own life and identity. Gratitude for their strength in their difficult circumstances and the way they paved for him.

Although not many family stories are shared about this, it is becoming more common and people of Surinamese descent are increasingly interested in their family history. Are you also curious about your Surinamese roots and would you like to discover more? Then follow Denie's fascinating workshop. 

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