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Finally connect your roots without lines_e

Children's program
Who am I and who are you?


1:30 PM Reception where children can start with a craft activity: make a family   tree with paint/pencils/markers and other materials, which can take them home afterwards.

2:45 PM Snack time (parents can also pick up children and take them into the  FamilySearch discovery corner to watch the big screens and something to eat and drink together )


3:30 PM During the parents' workshop time, there is an outdoor activity (if the weather is nice) and otherwise an alternative will be offered. This activity is all about 'seek and you will find' (as with family tree research!)

4:15 PM Parents can pick up their children for the closing session with dancer/presenter/speaker Redouan ait Chitt who will conclude his story with a dance performance until 4:45 PM.

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