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Finally connect your roots without lines_e

DJ: Jan Reijnders


Jan Reijnders is Salsa producer #1 in the Netherlands. You would expect with his wonderful Salsa music vibes that he has something South American in his DNA. But nothing is less true; Jan has traditional Dutch ROOTS. 


Enjoy Jan's musical vibes while connecting with others at the Connect Your Roots Event. 


"It will always be special to connect with others through music. It is a universal language that everyone can understand."


Jan has been involved in making and composing music from a very young age. As a child he enjoyed making music. He played the accordion for nine years and later switched to the piano. He has mastered playing the piano completely. In 2014 he decided to take his love for music seriously, such as writing film and salsa music. His first Salsa single was released in 2019.

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