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James Smith

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After working in the business world as a communications officer, James decided to change course to coaching/training. As a trainer/coach at Youngworks, he acts as a speaker and chairman at various events


Experience in his workshop how your ROOTS (unconsciously) influence your behavior and making choices.

There are certain dynamics and emotions at work beneath the surface of your behavior that are rooted in your family history. James Smith takes you through the method he uses as a systemic coach and trainer in the field of personal development. He invites you to look at your roots, of which parents and ancestors are an important part. Through DNA, cultural heritage and passed on behavioral patterns they have made you who you are today.

Are you curious about the patterns that repeat themselves in your life? Do you want insight into how the place in your family system affects your choices and feelings to steer? Do you want to discover how to connect with your roots and your own place in the whole can pave the way to growth and a freer 
life? Then come to this workshop.


Under the guidance of James, you will experience how a setup works in an accessible way. The session is mainly experience-oriented. Using examples from the group, the functioning of a family system is made clear. The entire space is used.

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