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Connecting with your ROOTS starts here in the Experience Booth. Various organizations will be present with their 'booth' or stand, in addition to the main sponsor FamilySearch. If you are interested in placing a stand for free, please Contact us.



In order to start smoothly on your own journey of discovery, bring the following information to the event to connect your roots:

Name and date of birth of your parents, grandparents en if you have it,  your great-grandparents!



On large and small touchscreens FamilySearch can start the search for your ancestors immediately. FamilySearch has the largest database of family tree information in the world, which is accessible to everyone completely free of charge

Stichting Arjati ( Breda)

"Looking for your roots, for where you come from. It's very much the topic at the moment among the Indo-European community. The third and fourth generation are getting increasingly curious and maybe they also feel the urgency to find every bit of knowledge, the stories and the secrets about our ( personal) Indo-European past, before a whole generation layer will disappear and we can't ask them anything anymore. And where do you start your search when you don't have anyone left?

Such a search is fun and exciting, but also overwhelming; so much information and search options out there!

At Arjati, we like to connect the generations and we also want to provide a platform for the third and fourth generations searching for their roots. sharing knowledge, experiences, but also practical help by searching together for puzzle pieces and making discoveries together.

Come to our booth where we would love to talk to you about how we can build this platform together."


You probably know the CBG Center for Family History from the well-known TV programme Hidden Past. In which the family history of a famous Dutch person is researched.

Get tips, tricks and tools to discover your hidden past. They know everything about family crests and surnames and have a digital platform where collections from Dutch history can be found.


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